IEEE Virtual World Forum on Internet of Things 2020
A Multi-Event Conference

Vertical and Topical Track Week

What is it about?: IoT Vertical and Topical Week is part of the Program for the IEEE Virtual World Forum on the Internet of Things – WFIoT2020, sponsored by the multi-society IEEE IoT Initiative in collaboration with the IoT Community. It addresses subjects of importance to IoT organized by either market segments or well defined cross-cutting technology areas and ecosystem considerations. The focus of each session is on the end-end cycle of activities from the inception of an idea about an IoT based product, service, process, or manufacturing capability to its deployment and operation. Specifically, the sessions address how these activities can affect the success or failure of a deployment. In keeping with the theme of WF-IoT 2020, “The Internet of Intelligent Things”, we have asked the speakers and presenters to emphasize the role of Computational Analytics (CA) and the gamut of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and methods that are important to the value delivered by IoT solutions in the three Vertical Markets addressed during the week – Smart City, Agriculture, and Manufacturing. The exploitation of CA and AI poses new and emerging issues for supporting disciplines that are cover in the two the Topical Area Sessions on Security and Data. We have also asked the presenters and moderators to share their experiences with the successes and challenges they have encountered.


What can you expect?: The format of each session is a moderated panel and discussion led by an experienced IoT practitioner. The Panel follows on-demand and live talks by experts on the subject designated for each day of the week by speakers from industry, the public sector, and academia. They will be sharing their experiences, observations, and ideas about the opportunities and challenges for successful IoT deployments in their domains.  Please join us during the week of September 14th for the two-hour sessions at 11:00am-1:00pm Eastern US Time. You will find an informative and lively program, and we encourage you to participate and be part of the dialog. The program will be conducted on the WebEx platform – as a live event.


  • Monday –           Smart Cities
  • Tuesday –           Security, Privacy, and Trust
  • Wednesday –     Agriculture
  • Thursday –         Data and Data Engineering
  • Friday –                Manufacturing and Industrial Uses


Who should attend?: We have structured the program so that it will be informative for a general but knowledgeable audience. If you are a manager, an administrator, in charge of an IoT project, designing IoT solutions, applications, services, or products, a researcher, a student contemplating a career in IoT, an IoT enthusiast, or just curious you will find that the IoT Standards Week sessions will provide you with a panoramic view of the exciting developments in IoT and of the complex IoT ecosystem.


How will the event be conducted?: Each session consist of three presentations, accompanied by Power Point or PDF decks that will be posted on the WF-IoT 2020 website and can be accessed by registrants after the talks are delivered. The live sessions has been programmed to last two (2) hours. We also have plans to accommodate additional presentations through on-demand material that will be posted at  the commencement of the IoT Vertical and Topical Week. Each session has provisions for direct interaction with the moderator and speakers using the Q&A feature of the WebEX delivery platform.  We encourage registrants to forward questions to the speakers and moderators ahead of the live session. The daily sessions will be conducted live over WebEx and will be recorded. To effectively experience the sessions, we recommend that you have sufficient bandwidth available on your network.