IEEE Virtual World Forum on Internet of Things 2020
A Multi-Event Conference

Presenter and Moderator Information

Presenters and Moderators Information for the IoT Standards Week Virtual Event

Please provide the following information and material to Karen Pannullo,  by the posted deadlines:

            Deadline: July 27th ,2020

(1)   Name and affiliation as you would like it to appear in the program

(2)   A recent high-resolution photo. This is for the WF-IoT 2020 Website and publicity for the event

(3)   A title for your talk if you are a speaker

(4)   A brief biography (no more than 250 words) This is for the WF-IoT 2020 Website and publicity for the event

(5)   A returned signed copy of the IEEE Release Form. This allows us to record the session and to share your material on the website.

IEEE Release Form

(6)   A brief abstract that describes your talk if you are a presenter (no more than 300 words).

(7)   A brief description of the session if you are a moderator (no more than 300 words)

(8)   Please register for the program as you find appropriate. We are requiring all attendees to register at  If you already registered for the full WF-IoT 2020 Technical Paper Program, you are automatically registered for the IoT Standards Week.

 Deadline: August 10th, 2020

(9)   If  you are a speaker or you wish to use a deck as a moderator, please prepare your presentation  in PowerPoint or PDF Format. If you are doing an on-demand presentation, please provide the presentation deck and an MP4 recording that accompanies your talk (see instructions below)

Standards and Templates (for PPT, PPTX, and PDF):

 Format  PDF  PPT / PPTX
 16×9  pdf16x9  pptx16x9


If you have any questions, please contact Adam Drobot, or Karen Pannullo,